Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a fairly bad day

Although this is the second consecutive blog post from me that is not upbeat, let me defend myself by telling you that we had a very nice weekend (there was a kids' party on Saturday and a trip to Otari Plant Museum on Sunday - and the weather was fabulous).

But I can't deny that, yes, I had a bad day today.
Firstly, I was feeling a bit down about having a nasty coldsore attack, and the promising tablets that I paid over $30 for did nothing to speed up their recovery (as far as I can tell).
Then, I pulled a muscle in my neck/shoulder region when I got out of the shower.
And I was still recovering from yesterday afternoon's marathon wait at the hospital, where my mother had an appointment at the eye clinic (1.5 hours wait! For a 5 minute consultation!).

But the thing that really made my day stink was when the boss called me into her office to put the kibosh on those "flexible" days (where I leave early one or 2 days per week to pick up TLM, and make up the time at home in the evening) she had agreed to on a temporary basis back in November.

It was as I'd feared 18 months ago when I first offered to increase my work hours due to the boy being out of work - it was easy to go from part time to full time, but possibly impossible to go back the other way again later.

My ideal would be to do short days twice a week and take the pay cut.
The boy's ideal would be for us to keep doing what we are doing for at least another few months.
The bosses ideal would (in my view) be for me to be commit as fully as the full time staff who don't have school age kids.

But then, I never did think we had similar brains.


Anonymous said...

Pat. Hard to comment without all the information - but sucks that it sounds like it's not very convenient for you. I like staying home, but i don't really like the pay.

Violet said...

no, it's not very convenient at all. Neither the boy nor I want TLM to only see us for a couple of hours per day plus weekends. And she doesn't want it either. Plus, I have always meant to work part time only, because whenever I work full time I get depressed because I don't enjoy it enough to want to spend half of my life on it. That could be a mid-life thing though, I didn't seem to mind it for the first 16 years of my working life...