Monday, March 07, 2011

cardigan number 3

It was winter yesterday and today. Although I'm fully expecting it to warm up again towards the end of the week, I've been given a sharp reminder of just how much I dislike being cold.

So, while I started making a linen tunic a week ago, I've also started to make this cardigan - and hopefully this time I'll complete it and want to wear it outside the house (the first attempt has a ripply button band and desperately needs shaping, the second didn't even get that far because I used a non-shrinking yarn and a pattern designed for yarn that shrinks 10% in the wash).

I probably won't be quite as staunch about ripping out and re-doing - like, I'll do that if I drop a stitch but not if the stitches differ in size by a few nano metres.  I'm using a cotton/acrylic blend by Panda, in bright red. Quite possibly I've chose a colour that will look far better on TLM...


Anonymous said...

I wish it was cold here at the moment. Why is it 29 degrees at 9pm?

Charlie Anonymous said...

I've never wore a cardigan.
But they don't make me think of Mr. Rogers, they make me think of Calvin Johnston & Kurt Cobain.
Still means "dated" but a different date in my head.
Still, if I found one comfortable & nice looking I could be over it.
Word Verification: "baticl"
Sounds like a Halloween popcicle.