Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day review - Pretty relaxing, overall

TLM and the boy got me a lovely pink Mothers Day card with fluffy bits on it (you can tell who did the choosing), and made me bacon and banana hotcakes for lunch. I'm still waiting for my Wii Fit, which was bandied about as a potential Mothers Day present, but all in all it was pretty relaxing and lovely. I even got to spend a couple of hours sewing, which is pretty rare.

I've been trying to refashion a discarded pair of the boy's Lacoste summer jeans, into a shell top for myself. It might all turn out horribly bogan and unflattering, but I can't fight the urge to make it anyway. Trying to find creative solutions to the lack of fabric (there's too much of me to cover, there are rips in the knees and the whole front legs are kinda worn, I don't have a "stash" to fall back on, and I don't want to go hunting around in the op shops because the idea of wearing another man's pants on my body (unless it's the boy's) feels a bit yucky) occupies my mind in an enjoyable way.

I didn't forget to get a card for my mum, though I'm ashamed to say that that's pretty much all I did. It's not like in my younger days, when I would lovingly hand-sew a pink elephant soft toy and watch her casually toss it on the sofa to be farted on at the next opportunity. Nowadays I want Mothers Day to be fun for me, which means not spending too much time with her (harsh, but sometimes true). Before you lambast me for the ungrateful daughter that I am, I have already volunteered my services on Wednesday - my day off - to ferry her to any number of banks, supermarkets and purveyors of very large sacks of rice.

We still haven't found any spots on TLM, but she was grumpier than usual - either it's that time of the month, or she's got another bug coming.


donnasoowho said...

I have to say I think Mother's Day is a bit overrated and commercial (kind of up there with Valentine's day) although of course I got my mother a gift or else i'd never hear the end of it (but I'm in the super bad books at the moment since we got the phone disconnected - so). For some reason now I keep getting a bizarre mental image of my granny sitting on a whoppee cushion and giggling.

Antoinette said...

Well, Happy Mother's Day all the same!

Violet said...

donnasoowho: it might be a bizarre mental image, but it sure does sound like a happy one!

Antoinette: you too :-)

Angela said...

I do hope TLM gets feeling better soon.
I am glad your mothers day was relaxing.
All I did was call my mom.

Violet said...

Angela: well, you did just give birth recently. I'm sure that a call was more than enough :-)