Friday, May 01, 2009

Good bargain

I went to Arthur Toyes yesterday, on the off-chance that they were still having a half price sale on some of their sewing patterns.

There was a sign above the entrance announcing 50% off all New Look patterns, so I went through the whole catalogue and scribbled out a list of half a dozen potentials. They were, according to the catalogue cover, only $10.50 each. Score!

And then, after I'd selected two patterns to take home (and stash away for the day my cold gets better and I can think clearly enough to cut fabric safely), the nice old man behind the counter charged me only ten bucks for the 2 of them. He explained that the discount applied over and above the discounted price already there. Five dollar sewing patterns - super score!

And in case you're interested, the two I picked were 6824 and 6808. (Edit note: 6824 is the dress pattern below, not the one originally posted.)


Antoinette said...

Very classic choices! Can't wait to see these sewn up! :)

Nigel Patel said...

Now I wonder if men make their own clothes. I think the patterns would be less interesting.

Violet said...

antoinette: well you're probably gonna hafta!

nigel: I know they do. My hairdresser, Danny, said he used to make his own clothes. Maybe you should peruse the sewing pattern websites and their menswear sections. The styles might not be as exciting as women's, but you can always get it made up in a print as out-there as you want. If you dare.

Kazzer said...

Looking forward to seeing you in the flowery dress. Check out my new craft blog.

Violet said...

You've got time to craft? Lil Taf must be napping too much.