Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A bit of a skirt

Unfortunately my camera's batteries went flat just as I was in the middle of taking pictures of the finished skirt, and of course then something went wrong with the camera on my mobile phone so that none of those photos were saved.

So all I have to show is is this picture that I took of the skirt before I unpicked the waistband, sewed and topstitched a big dart in the front that went all the way down to the horizontal line of topstitching, and put the waistband back on.

But I did draw a picture to show you the before and after too. Only I placed 'em in the wrong order whilst scanning, so what you'll see are the after and before drawings. Oh yeah, and those are back views. The horizontal topstitching on the front view is straight.

Basically, I took a long skirt that was too tight at the waist and cut it in half. I took in the sides so they'd fit my hips, re-installed the invisible zipper (not very well), put in a narrow waistband/facing in a contrast-y fabric, added a little button and buttonhole tab to hide the uneven widths of the ends of the waistband, topstitched the hem because it was so badly sewn by the factory that it kept turning inside up, and then sewed the humungous big dart in the front to fix the large gape at the waist. Perhaps next time I'll use a pattern or another skirt to get the right hip and waist fit.

Anyway, another skirt to add to my collection.


Laura said...

Looks good!

Violet said...

Thanks :-)

Angela said...

That is great now when are you opening your own line of clothing?

Violet said...

angela: that'll never happen because I'm only motivated to sew when it's for myself. I've never made anything for TLM even though she's cute enough to look good in anything.