Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another thing they don't make like they used to

The photo-storing thingy on my mobile phone seems to have packed it in. I only discovered this after I finally finished my denim skirt reconstruction (from ill-fitting, frumpy skirt to well-fitting, flirty skirt - yay!) and took some pictures of it. Then I noticed that the phone's wallpaper had changed, from a lovely picture of TLM struggling to free herself from the boy's loving but vice-like grip, to an animation of floating dots.

So I checked my file of camera photos and...there were none.

This is somewhat annoying, because there used to be lots of photos in there. And I've only had the bloody phone since last August. And it cost me almost 400 smackeroos.

Now, in the old first mobile phone, a work one, was about the size of one of those gold ingots they have at the gold museum in Johannesburg, where visitors are told they can have one for free if they can lift it up with one hand. It (the phone, not the ingot) didn't play music and it didn't take pictures, but it sure as hell didn't start to break down after 6 measly months.


Angela said...

I have a bulky phone with buttons I can feel and I have noticed my phone has lasted longer than many of the phones my friends have

Violet said...

Plus, maybe the makers figure that blind people are more likely to drop stuff so they make them more durable. Who knows?