Monday, November 05, 2018


On Sunday TLM and I went to a beach clean-up, organised by Kowtow to celebrate the launch of their swimwear collection (made from old fishing nets, but on no way resembling fishnets).

For a couple of hours we scoured the sand, peeked under piles of seaweed and poked around surrounding shrubbery. We managed to fill a third of a sack, which is no small amount because it's a small beach and there were at least 20 other people there.

Afterwards there was free People's Coffee for all - bonus!

Even better, it turned out that one of the people blocking our car was Kowtow designer herself, Gosia Piatek. While her designs are a big oversize for someone of my height, I really appreciate the effort they go to to produce an ethically made, eco-conscious product. So I did as much of a fangirl thing you can do when you have only ever bought two of their t-shirts.

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