Thursday, August 18, 2016

Am I too old for denim jackets?

I'm already thinking of what I want for my birthday present, even though it's a couple of month's away. I want a denim jacket. I've spent a number of lunch hours scouring the range of denim jacket styles on offer, including frequent visits to opportunity shops and on TradeMe.

And the one I want is the Levi's Boyfriend Trucker denim jacket, in mid-blue rigid denim (rigid, so it will take longer to lose shape with repeated washing and wearing). I've figured out that if I only ever button it up at the two middle buttons, it can look shapely rather than boxy.

Now, I have tried and failed a couple of times in the last few years to sew a light jacket suitable for spring and autumn, in both denim and other fabrics - but neither of them have turned out to have the right silhouette or amount of structure.

I've since discovered the Style Arc Stacie sewing pattern and now know to look for 14 oz denim, so I could sew it myself and make it exactly the size, shape and style I want. What would be great is a collarless version of a trucker jacket with waist shaping, mid-hip length and in a really dark blue. But that's never going to happen as I don't have the time or patience at the moment (and that's assuming I can find the right denim). Plus my fitting skills are less than genius.

So anyway, how old is too old to wear a denim jacket?


Donna Soo said...

Did you get your denim jacket? I dunno.... I don't think I can revisit the denim.... I feel a bit that way about my denim skirt too....

Violet said...

hi donna, yes I did get a that denim jacket. But it's in mid-blue (which means I can't wear it with most of my jeans cos they are also mid-blue) and stretchy. However I am now glad of the latter, because if it was rigid I probably wouldn't be able to button it around my wider-than-previously-believed middle. I love denim because I don't feel I have to be careful with it, plus I really like indigo!