Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bums off seats

We have been making  lot of use of the Pokemon Go game, since it became available.

At first I thought it was just going to be played by the sort of geeks who have to be the first to  try out new tech, plus fans of the original Pokemon games.

A couple of days later I realised it was a proper phenomenon, bigger than the must less useful selfie phenomenon. At least Pokemon Go has gotten plenty of otherwise sedentary folks off their bums and out into the world (albeit augmented).

The boy and TLM have been out and about catching Poke-people every day since the school holidays started - to my delight, because the alternative would have been far less physically active.

I took TLM and her buddy out for a Pokemon hunt this afternoon. When I say that I took them out, what I mean is that I trailed behind as they skipped and ran ahead up through the forest, up and down  mountain bike tracks. I was really just there to ensure they didn't get lost or drop the boy's smartphone over a cliff.

I am very proud to say that TLM actually wore me out this afternoon. When I was ready to head home she was happy to continue hopping over tree roots and bush-bashing in search of cartoony creatures with funny names.


Donna Soo said...

They must have heaps of pokemons in the park next door to our house as suddenly the relatively quiet park was overrun. I have made the mistake of letting GG watch Pokemon in Netflix and now he's obsessed.

Violet said...

Well maybe you can get him to play Pokemon Go next, 'cos at least he'll go outside and walk around

Donna Soo said...

Actually we can't go outside atm cause of renovation hell. We are all so housebound! But Ray has already cut his hand (with expensive trip to emergency dr) so not taking any more chances! We can go to the park I guess but also I have a gammy leg.

Violet said...

Oh dear! Well I bet your house will looking pretty good once it's finished though. And hopefully both your husband's hand and your leg will be much better soon.