Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas in the sun

Merry Christmas everyone!

We are so lucky with our Christmas Day weather today - it's warm, sunny and there's hardly any wind at all (just enough to stop you from getting uncomfortable).

After our present-opening session (thanks to our UK family we had a stack of wonderful gifts to unwrap) and follow-up phone calls to afore-mentioned family, we set about playing with our presents.

In other words, The Little Madam and the boy both played on their respective computer games.

While they were doing that, I did the obligatory cleaning that is necessary if we want our friends to come over and not run away screaming as soon as they see the state of our living environment - mopping, vacuuming, tidying away, a spot of weeding...

TLM and I also spend time filling in our colouring-in books (which is so HOT right now) in the back yard, which I wasn't able to stop doing until I was in danger of getting sunburned.

And then I went for a walk up the hill behind our house, up to the lookout from which you can see the clear blue sky, the sea blue and blurry from the breezes, the grass and leaves still green and, and the occasional group of picnickers recovering from Christmas lunch.


kiwiyarns said...

What a lovely Christmas day! Ours was children-filled and noisy, and my head is still recovering from all the noise and activity. But nice to be with family and spend time with them.

Violet said...

I don't know what that's like, as even at it's most populated our family gatherings are probably comparatively small (7 people if my family and my brother's get together). I'm sure it would be lovely as kids really get the most out of all the decorations, presents and food!

Donna Soo said...

I got 2 colouring in books for Christmas but have done barely any colouring in. But we are gong to the beach for a few days so might do sone there. Happy 2016!

Anonymous said...

We have 5 people at our Christmas (us and rays parents). It's a bit weird but also very up hectic.

Violet said...

Happy new year to my lovely commenters!!