Sunday, August 16, 2015

Surviving a decade of parenthood

Last Tuesday TLM turned 10.

To TLM it was not a more important or exciting birthday than any other, though apparently for some it is very significant as it ends in zero.

She got a range of stationery/crafts thingies from us (the loving parents), some lovely tin flutes from Nanna and a very spendable amount of birthday cash from her Poh Poh.

Then she got to celebrate it all over again today when  her friends turned up for a birthday yum cha.

It's interested to see what kids will eat at a yum cha - the prawn dumplings went untouched, the pork spare ribs were ignored and I was the only one who lusted after the taro puffs. BUT - the kids scrambled after the spring rolls, there were never enough roast pork buns and the sticky rice was surprisingly popular. The squid wasn't that popular either but that was okay because it meant more for me.

The only downside to a social yum char - at this particular restaurant anyway - is that we were only allocated 45 minutes at our table. I guess I should have worked this out when I first called to make the booking, because they asked whether we wanted a 11.30 am booking or a 12.30 pm booking.

45 is in no way long enough for a social food-oriented gathering. Sure, we were finished eating by then. But there was no time for just mucking around with the presents (a fantastic variety, from a pink hot glue gun to a cool puzzle game with a plumbing theme) or general chatting without your mouth full.

If we do it again in the future I'd consider scheduling an activity immediately after everyone's finished eating, such as a walk to the park or something.

In any case, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we even got to bring a few leftovers home to snack on!


Anonymous said...

A very happy birthday to TLM! I remember turning 10. I thought it was a very special day. That cat thought so too - it pooed on my bed!!

Donna Soo said...

Happy birthday TLM! It does seem like only yesterday that she was starting school. Yum cha is always interesting with non-yum Cha people... I made an easy $20 once eating a whole plate of "gross" squid lol.

Amanda said...

Ten years already! Another ten years and TLM be 20. A shame Z couldn't make it but as a vegetarian, which she's decided she is, she might have struggled a bit with the menu.

Violet said...

kiwiyarns: I'm relieved that we didn't have any bed-poo incidents on the birthday - it was special enough without that!

donna soo - I was tempted to get the chicken's feet and see who was game to it some, but with me hating to waste food I would have found it too stressful if no-one did

amanda: I didn't know Z was def vegetarian and thought she did eat fish and seafood - Good to know for next time