Thursday, March 12, 2015

In search of the perfect bra

I think it's because I'm an asthmatic, but I find bras terribly, terribly uncomfortable. Even if I can find one that seems acceptably comfortable, I can just about guarantee that by about 2pm I'll be desperate to remove the damn thing so that I can breathe fully without hearing the squeak of straining wires.

But, although it is extremely comfortable to go without, and despite the fact that - as a B cup - I think I can just about get away with bra-less-ness (depending on what I'm wearing), I feel compelled to have some kind of support on hand.

Mostly, I wear 'em for two reasons:

  1. so that they don't bounce unduly when I walk gracelessly. Because then, (mostly male) onlookers notice them and stare.
  2. so that on cooler days my out-standing nips are hidden. Otherwise (mostly male) onlookers notice them and stare.
So, yeah, despite being a feminist and not particularly interested in dressing to please men or conform to an idea of what a woman of my age and social status would wear, I can't always avoid wearing one.

I have som bra-lettes, but they usually turn out to be a compromise which neither discourages bounce nor hides the nips. Plus, then tend to have higher necklines that show up from under some of my (not indecent) tops.

I bought a new bra today. It's got no underwire and is only very lightly padded (for nip-hiding, no doubt). On, it still feels like a tight rubber band around the top of my ribs. But I hope that this time it will mellow and mould to my shape like a good pair of jeans is supposed to. 

I'll keep you posted (unless you don't want me to because it's too much information).


Anonymous said...

You may find that you have not been fitted properly for bras. It sounds like you're wearing ones that are too small in the chest. Have you ever tried to go one size up? Eg. instead of 34B, try 36A. It worked for me.

Also, Berlei do a very wonderful bra that is extremely comfortable. They are expensive, but so worth it. And if you get them when on sale at Farmers, more affordable.

Violet said...

yeah Berlei's not as bad as some of the other brands, but I've been fitted a few times and I am apparently wearing the right size. i just seem to have a really low tolerance for rib-squeezing.

Donna Soo said...

Hmmmm I think our bra needs are prob quite different - but surely you don't need underwire? I like berlei and triumph minimiser... My mum swears by EmK bras? Try a few more brands. The ladies in kirks can be helpful and there are always new sorts coming out so I often get fitted just because they might make suggestions about new products?

Violet said...

Donna Soo - I probably don't, since I go bra-less most of the the time I'm not at work and it's not at all uncomfy. I guess I have always just chosen from what's on offer, most of which is underwired and a bit padded. so yeah, probably not a bad idea to made that trip to Kirks for another bout of trying on.