Friday, January 03, 2014

The colour pinky-purple

We had a lovely long weekend at Castle Point, joined by some friends who are similarly inclined to play boardgames on rainy (or not-so rainy) days.

There was a day of summery sunshine which allowed our respective daughters to frolic in the sea, roll around in the soft grey sand, and run around until they fell over.

This was followed by a day too windy for sea frolics, but it did clear up around 6pm so we went for a second walk up to the lighthouse.

In between, we played lots of board games. One of the games was Lords of Waterdeep, which - when we play at home - I often win.The boy should not have said this out loud though, because for two consecutive evenings I came last. I can only put it down to either performance anxiety, or the fact that TLM was not playing (and therefore not backstabbing her daddy).

I took my knitting with me, a hat. It took far too long for me to finish it, because I was making up some of the instructions myself. It's finished at last though. More details here.
 And I also finished this super-cropped cardigan (just perfect for those days when the top half of your boobies are feeling a little cold, but the lower half is just fine). More details here.


donnasoowho said...

I'm not convinced about the half boobie cardy. Also, is it possible that you now have too many hats?

I love board games. I don't know that one...

Violet said...

The carry works well as a shrug - better still if worn over a summer dress (it's cotton). And the hat is now TLM's, so no - I don't have too many hats!

Lords of Waterdeep is a good board game. If you like them you should definitely give it a try.

Violet said...
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Amanda said...

We had a great time! I think we might have to get Lords of Waterdeep. (Although I think we probably have enough new board games for now)