Tuesday, November 19, 2013

An unseasonable obsession

Style-wise, I always find it easier to dress well in autumn and winter.

But it's probably extreme to be obsessed with this duffle coat from Seasalt just as we are about to be catapulted into full-on summer.

What can I say? It's a gorgeous colour and has that je ne sais quoi which elevates it from being just another duffle coat (well it's a brighter colour and shorter and more A-line looking).

I shouldn't buy it because it's fairly expensive, because I'd prefer to spend my money in New Zealand than send it straight out of the country, and because I'd probably have to wait six months to wear it.

However - I just find it stunning and almost get that sense that if I possessed then I would want for nothing else ever again (though I know that couldn't possibly be true).

In case you're wondering, I did find a locally made item sort of similar to this on the Swandri website. But it hasn't got IT.

1/12/2013 - It's here!! It's lovely, though not quite as red as I was expecting - more of a brick red than the blood-red I thought it was. However everything else about it is perfect (expect I can't wear it for another 6 months).


donnasoowho said...

Buy it! It's really nice. And it's so cold in Welly you'll get heaps of wear out if it. I wish I could justify owning nice winter clothes in Bris. Agree winter is so much more fashionable!

Violet said...

It is, isn't it? But last winter in Welly was so mild I prob would not have worn it very often then, if I had the coat.

It's a damn fine coat though

kiwiyarns said...

It's very "you" and would look great on you. Did you buy it?

Violet said...

um...yes I did. The boy liked it and donnasoowho liked it so I went for it. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be the wrong red.

Today would have been a good day to wear it too!

Pollyanna_H said...

Tell us when it arrives!