Monday, October 14, 2013

Knitting injury

I've hurt my left wrist. Whether I stretch out my fingers, make a fist, lift something heavy or just twist and turn it, it gives me pain.

And I'm left-handed, which makes it worse.



Anonymous said...

Poor you! That sounds like something a chiropractor can fix very easily. It will be a twisted tendon from the sounds of it. I did something similar on the ski fields a while ago pulling a toboggan the wrong way, and chiro fixed it in two minutes, It was like a miracle! Hope your injury is healed soon.

Anonymous said...

Did you injure it whilst knitting?

Violet said...

kiwiyarns: actually it feels pretty good today! I had a two-day break from knitting.

donnasoowho: yep, that's why I called it a knitting injury.