Tuesday, September 03, 2013

My new favourite sweater-I-knitted-myself

Here's the second-to-latest thing I've knitted - a tweedy blue A-line sweater with removable cowl and elbow length sleeves. I've been wearing it a lot - whenever it's been cold enough (even though it hasn't actually been cold much this winter. Is this what winter in Queensland is like?)

Slight more info is on Ravelry.

This might be my mostly style-y outfit right now - the sweater with a navy merino dress, black tights and studded cherry red ankle boots.


Anonymous said...

Yes, winter in QLD despite what locals tell you is not cold. I didn't even own a jumper and had to buy one when I got to NZ! It was plenty cold in welly tho when I was there.... So much so that I got sick of hearing myself complain how cold it was!

Jumper looks good love the boots!

Violet said...

yeah the boots are the bomb!