Friday, August 30, 2013

Month-end catch-up

TLM's birthday was a couple of weeks ago - she turned 8.


Still can't make her own breakfast in the morning and still takes a lot of nudging to sort out her lunch box, but then the bench is designed for tall adults and the girl takes a while to wake up.

Lately she hasn't been complaining as much about her friend-situation so hopefully this means she's getting along with everyone and isn't finding their games boring all the time.

We all went tree-planting last Saturday. I'd never realised digging grass-ridden dirt on a slope could be so physically hard...

Yesterday TLM did a face plant in the school playground. Thank gawd she's not smart-alecky enough to tell everyoneI beat her up - can't blame anything other than bad luck and inattention. Her face is like a mild version of Harvey Dent at the end of Batman II; pretty on one side, slightly scary on the other. Poor wee thing.

This evening I had an accident of my own, and learned that even if it's just a fruit knife - it's a Victorinox knife you don't clean it with your finger!


kiwiyarns said...

Ouch and ouch! Hope the bruising settles too and your cut isn't too sore!

Violet said...

Thanks - there's not so much of the bruising actually.More like scabbiness for her and deep slicing for me!

donnasoowho said...

Wow happy birthday TLM!