Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I've had an earful

This is what happens when you are a hyper-allergic person with a tendency to collect rock-hard bits of wax in your ears:

  • they throb and make your head feel like they're full of fingers
  • you can hear the sea
  • the insides of the ears get itchy so - as much as you know you shouldn't - you dive in there with a finger and poke around, looking for whatever it is that's tickling them.
  • You go a bit deaf. You're probably a bit deaf already, but now it's really noticeable because when you walk your footsteps thunder inside your head and drown out everything else...
  • everything else except for that plastic bag which makes a terrible racket so you stop trying to fish out whatever it is (your lunch maybe, or your sunhat)
  • then, if you haven't done something about it by now, the pain comes.
  • you visit the doctor in case you've developed an ear infection. Because that's, like, serious (permanent hearing loss!)
  • where, if you're unlucky, it takes several visits to several doctors (because they are part time and you can almost never get the same one twice in a row) before you're told that all you needed was a severe micro-sucking to remove the build-up.
I texted the boy, who was worried about me because I was up all night feeling little stabbing pains in my left ear, "doc says just maxi waxy ear sucking booked".

Turns out those places that specialise in this sort of procedure are very busy (imagine working in a place where you spend all day sucking out ear wax!) so I have another 40 or so hours to put up with before blessed relief (I hope) comes. 


Anonymous said...

Lol lady! I had my ears syringed for the first time last year and it's a bit weird but kind of relaxing? Altho I had to close my eyes cause it made me feel wonky. Didn't they recommend wax drops? And the nurse at my doctor was ablt to do it so I didn't have to wait at all ... But maybe you have to go somewhere special if it's extra bad??

Anyway hope you can get it sorted soon. Must be annoying being deaf. We can always tell when mum needs to get her ears done cause she keeps Mis-hearing things. Apparently ear waxiness runs in the family.

Violet said...

yeah I did the syringing thing but it was much more uncomfortable than usual so the nurse stopped doing it.
the vacuum thing worked a treat. Only thing is I have to use ear drops anyway 'cos it's a bit swollen in there - and they block my ear!