Friday, September 28, 2012

Online shopping while you're home sick

I spent an awful lot of time online while I was home sick. I pretty much alternated between 'Net surfing and knitting.

By the time I was back at work, I had nearly finished my denim sweater with spiral eyelets. Unfortunately I discovered a mistake about 40 rows back which has set me back another week.

I also went onto TradeMe and bought some lovely aubergine cashmere yarn. Unfortunately apparently aubergine means "brown". I can probably make it work if I combine it with lots and lots of purple or blue yarn though.

I also bought some brown jeans from Wallis in the UK. They were meant to be burgundy, and probably in a certain light they are - but mostly they just look brown.

Buying trousers and jeans online was such a dumb idea. I thought I was safe by buying from a store where I'd successfully found a pair that fit me really nicely. But apparently it's impossible to make everything of the same size, the same size.

And then I do have a history of being too lazy to return stuff that didn't work out.

Maybe I can knit me some trou...


Tiger sparrow said...

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Angela said...

I am going to try to comment again today. Commenting yesterday didn't seem to work for me.
Online shopping is both helpful and stinks. I can't seem to find pants that work for me anyway. You are very creative. Happy late Birthday to TLM.
Well good luck fixing up your clothes.


Anonymous said...

Jeans are very tricky to buy. That's mostly the reason I'm still slopping around in jeans with holes in the knees and splits in the pants (I did patch them, in case you're wondering!)

Violet said...

Angela: hi and welcome back to Blogland! I'm pretty good at taking up hems - nowI get to try taking stuff in ;-)

kiwiyarns:you never find new jeans that fit like your old jean, eh?