Friday, December 16, 2011

Going public-er

I just spent an hour uploading my knitting projects to Ravelry. It was very satisfying to revisit my successes (my failures having nearly all been unravelled so there are no photos) and to have another brag about them.

Not that I'm saying you have to revisit them with me. Because I haven't figured out how you'd do that.


Anonymous said...

oh I totally think you should. If I ever created a garment (like for instance, a cotton skirt) I would TOTALLY be blogging it all over the net everwhere.

Anonymous said...

Leave your Rav ID so I can find you!

jessica said...

Hi Violet,

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I do hope that 2012 is the year you make a cardigan that you like to wear! Pattern, ease, sizing, color, style ... so tricky to get them all to align! Your knitting projects for family look lovely =).

Cheers and happy 2012 to you!

Violet said...

ooh thanks for your nice thoughts!