Saturday, November 19, 2011

a seedling girl scout

I really want TLM to learn self-reliance and how to survive in the bush.
I want her to have a wider circle of friends and I want her to have opportunities to go camping.

So last Tuesday evening I took her to a local Pippins group meeting. (Pippins is the section of Girl Guides for girls aged 5 and 6.)

(I did think of calling the Scouts too, as an alternative, since they take girls now. But in the end I was too lazy to make that extra phone call.)
And she loved it. They went tree-planting at a neighbouring school, sangs songs, went for a rainforest walk and a ride on a flying fox.

Apparently they don't do the knot-tying and camping until Brownies (for the next age group up) - which is okay - and it's not God-fearing as it would have been in the old days - which is a relief. They might even teach her to crochet animals (fingers crossed).


donnasoowho said...

that reminds me of one of my dad's favourite cheesey jokes - "q. what's worse than having girl guide biscuits in your pocket? a. brownies in your pants"....

kiwiyarns said...

That's such a good idea. I've always wanted to take my son to scouts... you've reminded me that perhaps I need to revisit that!

PBS said...

Aww, that was good that she enjoyed it and had a fun time. Hope she will learn to crochet animals too!