Monday, September 19, 2011

Three hottie cosies, two woolly vests and a very flattering slanted gretel tee...

Just so you know I've been keeping busy knitwise,  I've made:
  • three modified versions of the Hygge Nook hot water bottle cosy (but different because I knitted two strands of doubleknit yarn together so it would be quicker to finish, and did a central cable rather than multiple cables)
  • the Back to School vest from Fitted Knits (attempted against my better judgement, only to have it confirmed that a ribbed pullover is only slimming if you are actually slim)
  • a modified version of the Blue Alvarez stripey cabled vest ( but mostly in a paua blue Cascade 220 superwash with narrow red strips at the top, and with a completely different cable pattern. This works much better than the other vest, but it will be my last garment in a yarn thicker than doubleknit, because it's really true that chunky is as chunky does)
  • the slanted gretel tee from Interweave Knits magazine
I have no photos of the cosies because they were all presents and now reside at my brother's place and my mum's place respectively.

I have no photos of the vests because I haven't gotten around to it and I'm seriously considering unravelling the ribbed one and remaking it into something less chunkifying.

But I do have a photo of the tee.
The armholes were worryingly tight, but once I'd wetted and dried it flat they seemed to expand enough to fit my giant armpits.


Anonymous said...

Your Slanting Gretel Tee looks great! I live in mine, as does my sister, whom I knitted one for.

Pollyanna_H said...

Cute! I'm VERY impressed.

Violet said...

Yeah it's amazing how much knitting you can get done when you become obsessed with it...
The tee is great to wear and so is one of my vests (the other is embarrassingly floppy and unflattering). Thanks for your nice comments!