Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Turning six, getting influenza and touching snow

It's been an eventful few days -  The Little Madam turned six last Thursday and had her birthday party on Saturday. It was a joint party, with her best mate at school who is her "star twin" (because they were born on the same day). The weather was kind, the kids were mostly co-operative and the animal biscuits went down a treat.

The next day was a different story though. At basketball she bopped herself on the nose with her ball, then when we played catch she got the same ball in between her fourth finger and pinky. And then she got sick.

On Monday I took her to the doctor's, where she was diagnosed with the 'flu. I'd been worried when TLM said her neck hurt, but apparently it wasn't due to meningicoccal disease - so that's good.

But once she'd had her first dose of Pamol, she was all lively and alert - enough to enjoy watching it snow (we NEVER get snow here). And now we won't have to go to Mt Ruapehu in mid-Winter for TLM's snow experience.


Amanda said...

Happy birthday TLM! Tomorrow will be day 3 of DOTH's school being closed due to weather so I am pretty much over the snow.

Anonymous said...

oh Happy Birthday TLM! And hooray for snow cheapness!

Antoinette said...

Did you say your daughter is 6 years old? I kept trying to think of who else you might be referring to. It really doesn't seem possible, as someone who reads your blog from the other side of the world. I guess she will always be 3 to me, forever!

Violet said...

yes, 6 years old! Kids seem to get older much faster than grown-ups do;-)