Sunday, July 24, 2011

If colds could be exciting

I have the cold that TLM had last weekend, and it's a cold like no other I've ever had.
Like, for instance, the fact that my shoulders and knee joints hurt.
And my teeth hurt!
I got it on Wednesday and now, on Sunday, my teeth don't hurt any more so I can put off visiting the dentist for another few months (or years).

I'm glad that I took this week off so I could hang out with TLM during the second week of her school holidays. I'll be out of action for at least the next few days,  but it'll be nice not to have to stress about using up my sick leave when the real winter has only just set in.

Also I'm getting lots of knitting (and un-knitting) done during this time.

Thank goodness the boy is so good at looking after us!


donnasoowho said...

i hate those kind of colds - I often get sort of really sensitive feeling skin, like it hurts a bit to touch my arm or something. Hope you feel better soon!

Violet said...

already most of the way there, except that when I talk it sounds like I've got porridge in my nasal passages.