Saturday, February 12, 2011

Planned weekend fun - it's the woman's job

We seemed to be in a bit of a rut at the weekends. The boy would sleep in until 9.30 or 10; TLM and I would either go out in the morning and be back with lunch by the time he was up and about; half of the afternoon was spent waiting for TLM to have her quiet time (usually a DVD on the sofa); and by then we'd have only an hour or two to do something together before it was time for TLM's dinner-bath-bedtime.

I'd often suggest to the boy that we do something fun. Sometimes I even suggested a specific activity, like going to Staglands (a wildlife park/farm park). Then I'd be disappointed when the weekend came and went, with no mention of it from the boy.

Then I found out that he'd been waiting for me to organise these things.

So last weekend we all went to a gallery out of town and marveled at an exhibition of fantasy art (after which the boy went home while TLM and I stayed in town to watch some Chinese New Year performances).

This weekend we'd intended to go for a bush walk up the hill and take a proper picnic (by 'proper' I mean with fresh rolls and nice sandwich fillings, rather the usual box of biscuits and two bottles of tap water).

But it turned out to be my nephew's birthday (I'm a bad auntie), so instead we went shopping for his present and went to their house to give it to him. Tomorrow I'll probably take TLM to the watch the CNY parade, but the boy is not a parade sorta guy so he'll probably be at home working.

Maybe next week maybe we'll go to Staglands.


Amanda said...

We have a horrible, depressing routine rut we get into where we spend most of the weekend doing washing and catching up on chores culminating in a trip to the Warehouse or Mitre 10 to make some boring purchases on Sunday afternoon. And then on Monday it's work again- which is hardly a life at all, I feel at times.

It does seem to be up to women to organise weekend activities. Also holidays and presents and staying in touch with everybody in both extended families. Men take charge of deciding which new gadgets to buy.

Violet said...

It's funny that the boy followed up this snippet of information with "...because I do everything else". He does do most of the cooking, dishwashing and taking out of rubbish. But it's not everything.