Saturday, January 29, 2011

Germ warfare

My brother won his battle with the horrible S. aureous bacteria. Though he was only allowed to go home yesterday, so he was in hospital for maybe three weeks. And he still isn't walking normally because his' back is stuffed from him being laid out flat for days and days.

My own battle, though far less serious, is ongoing. Only a week or so after recovering from the pimple-from-hell on my back, I now have one on my right arm. I tried bathing it in anti-bacterial solution every night this week, but Mr and Mrs S. aureous merely laughed in my face and turned up the heater.

Now, I'm no conspiracy-theorist - but I reckon there may be some kind of outbreak going on here. My brother, when he was in ICU, shared with several other patients with similar afflictions to his own. And when I tried to buy a new bottle of the anti-bacterial solution at the pharmacy, I was told they'd had a run on the stuff.

Someone is trying to kill the 10% of us who have vulnerable body bits.


Anonymous said...

I think you might be right. I am currently similarly afflicted by pimples, and eczema from hell and mosquito bites - all the way across the Tasman!

Violet said...

While you're on holiday? Oh no! I thought holidays were supposed to decrease your stress levels!
I wish my next family holiday could be somewhere nice on the Mediterranean - my skin was quite healthy there.