Friday, February 07, 2020

Hair and there

Once the bald spot on the left front of my scalp grew back in I started to relax again and pretty much stopped using the Welda hair tonic.

Lately TLM and the boy have mentioned a little bald spot at the back of my head, but they didn't make it sound like anything to worry about.

Then I started shedding again, at a rate that shows all over the floor and the sofa cushions.

Then I took a couple of head-back selfies and went into full-on hair loss anxiety. I even dusted off my wig from last March and seriously considered going to the Fridays for Future protest with it on.

I didn't, but only because I was going to have a sunhat on all afternoon.

So it's back to the hair tonic for me. I am really not ready to wig up again...

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