Sunday, August 16, 2020

Happy Sunday!

 On Friday I got some major muscles aches, like I was getting the 'flu. How ironic that would be, since this year was the first I had gotten the 'flu jab. So I got the boy to come take me home cos the last thing I wanted was to be sitting in a bus during a Covid-19 pandemic looking like death...

Ever since then I've been resting at home. But it hasn't been so restful today.

First, it seems that my skin is reacting to the new batch of moisturiser I made yesterday and wore overnight. So I had to spend time apply enough concealer on my face to prevent shock and alarm in my household.

Then, I discovered that my family cannot read my mind nor correctly interpret my hints, so I had to take out the recycling that was overflowing onto the kitchen floor, and tidy it away into the outside bin. It took me 3 trips.

Then, I tried to print out Style Arc's face mask pattern  so I could make some to add to the family supply. But it would not print.

One software install and a system update later, I have already had to give up vacuuming the bedroom because the bag was full and we are out of spare bags.

I finally have my face mask pattern printed out now, and if nothing further goes wrong today I might complete one or two...

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