Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Bamboo is back in my life

As a person of Chinese extraction, I'm familiar with things like the sight of a building completely covered in bamboo scaffolding, eating with bamboo chopsticks and cooking on bamboo steamers.

Less traditionally, I'm dipping my toe into bamboo fabric and knitting yarn (well, thinking about it and looking for it anyway).

But it's taken me till now to buy a bamboo toothbrush and bamboo clothes pegs (which can be tossed in the compost once you remove the non-bamboo bits).

When I announced this to the boy, he said that his family used bamboo toothbrushes when he was a boy! Which would have been back in the 70's and 80's! And they weren't even hippies!

So it's great that I can slowly switch to bamboo where possible (and affordable - 7 bucks for a toothbrush seem expensive) without having to worry about resistance from the within the household.

Though it makes me sad that bamboo implements went so out of fashion for so long, to be replaced by animal-choking plastic.


Amanda said...

I'm intrigued by the idea of a bamboo toothbrush but I use an electric toothbrush to preserve what's left of my filling filled teeth so probably not an option :(

We have been buying compostable rubbish bags however...

Violet said...

hi Amanda - I have a soft-head toothbrush and I did wonder whether the bamboo toothbrush I bought would be okay for my teeth (also filling-filled). I was going to ask the guy in the shop but I couldn't get his attention...I like the idea of compostible rubbish bags. Hopefully they don't pose a danger if eaten by wildlife?